Multiple profile wind power project by the Institute for Energy signs up copying
6/8/2019 2:00:00 PM

Many dossiers wind power project by the Institute for Energy (MOIT) makes up project unit signs overs copy records, even reproduced both loi.Moi here, MOIT has consecutive discovered documents sent MPI, Finance, Natural Resources and Environment, Defense ... to comment on the many local, investors would like to supplement a number of wind power projects in the development planning of national electricity. Notably these projects to focus on some areas, and many of the records by the Energy Institute (MOIT) as project signs copy records overs, even copy the error.

Develop "hot" ...

In fact, the development of hot wind power projects, solar power in recent years has led overloaded transmission system. Therefore, the Ministry of Trade has asked Power Corporation VN (EVN) early implementation of the addition, a number of projects adjusted grid, substations ... to relieve the capacity for projects solar power, wind power in the south central region and the Mekong delta.

For example, in the area of ??Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, the Government assigned the Ministry of Trade and EVN work and agreed with the government of this province of two investment solutions transmission works. Thereby freeing the entire capacity of these projects during 2020. The specific requirements are additional to 500/200 kV substation Thuan Nam Thuan Nam 500 kV line - Vinh Tan. At the same time as additional 2 200 kV double-circuit line Ninh Phuoc - Tan Vinh Phuoc and Ninh - Thuan Nam in portfolio by 2020. In particular, four 220 kV power grid project and 5 110-kV power grid project planned investment approval in stages since 2021 - 2025 and to shorten the duration of the investment, made right at this stage. Though, is an expert said that is difficult to implement immediately the electricity transmission projects.

"Procedure for implementing a project is not easy. If now, many projects start to the year after new line to be. Meanwhile, if investors solar power, wind power do so to enjoy the preferential price mechanism does not worry about being redundant line "- the expert analysis. The expert also said that since mid-2018, before the fact there are too many projects of solar power is invested, the Government then made a written request for the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the local additional projects in planning should be considered as a whole in order to ensure transparency in management planning, consistent supply - demand power, the ability to connect ... But, by the end of 2018, the number of wind power projects, solar power approved at the planning up to 8,000 MW, nearly 5 times higher than the 1,650 MW target which power planning VII calibration set.

... from the "sloppy"?

According to statistics, only in the month 01/2019, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Hoang Quoc Vuong had about 17 text consult the Planning and Investment, Natural Resources and Environment, Finance, Construction, Agriculture and Rural Development, on the EVN ... adding additional wind power projects in the planning of national electricity development.

Drill talk about the opinion of the ministries and agencies other functions of these projects look like, if, based on the Circular on, may see records overs project was created based on the results research, fieldwork, and the nature of forecasting and strategic vision in the planning. These are scientific works should the records must contain information such as: The need for investment in construction projects, favorable conditions and difficulties, the regime of exploitation and use of national resources (if); location, size, area of ??construction, the work item under the project; the content of sectoral planning, local planning; Preliminary solutions implementation, technical plans, technology and performance, plans and connection equipment installation plans, progress and form of project management; environmental impact assessment, solutions for fire prevention, fire fighting and the requirements of security and defense; analysis and evaluation of economic efficiency - financial and social performance of the project; ...

However, according to the statistical results of PV in 15 overs profile, up to 10 records with signs copying, multiple pages similar to the letter, even "sorry" ... also the same!

Specifically, in Bac Lieu: Project Cluster wind power plants of Peace 1 - phase 2, Hoa Binh 2 Hoa Binh - Duong, Dong Hai 1 - phase 2, Group Project Dong Hao 3, Kosy Dong Hai (up to May 1/2019) investors include 3 enterprises Energy Co., Ltd. Beijing Fang, JSC Trade and investment technology and Ecotech Vietnam joint stock company investment Peace wind power; Cluster power plant project in Bac Lieu wind Kosy 1,2,3,4 (up to May 1/2019), investors JSC Kosy Group, who represented Vietnam Cuong Nguyen. Profile overs of these projects have multiple segments to the letter alike.

Not only that, in Ca Mau province, records: Wind Power Plant Project Tan Hai (established in January 1/2019), the investor is the JSC Ha Do Group, who represented Nguyen Trong Thong. Profile overs of these projects also have multiple segments to the letter alike!

Also, some plant project in Khanh Hoa, Ninh Thuan, Tay Ninh whether the different localities but records disclosures of these projects are also many passages similar to the letter, such as: project power plant solar Tan Hoa Ha Do (founded May 10/2017), investors JSC Ha Do Group, who represented Mr. Nguyen Trong Thong; Project Solar Power Plant VPE Ninh Hoa - Khanh Hoa (founded May 3/2018), investors are joint stock company Clean Energy Van Phong, who represented Mr. Vu Van Hai; Thermal Power Plant Project 14 Bac Ai (founded May 1/2019), investors JSC Ha Do Group, who represented Mr. Nguyen Trong Thong.

As the statistics above, JSC Ha Do Group records bearing signs overs most copied, succeeding General Trading Corporation building - Vietracimex. And, it is surprising that the notes are by the Institute of Energy (MOIT) - research institutions of science and technology, planning and overall development of energy and power consultant, seals, letters signed by Director Hoang Tien Dung.

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