CoalShastra is an international news and information platform with readership

in more than 20 countries worldwide. We cater to the needs of all the sectors
related to coal; mining, transportation (Shipping, Barging, Trucking), logistics and
consumers (Power Plants & Industrial). CoalShastra has been established to
provide consolidated, accurate and timely flow of information to our viewers free
of cost, covering all the relevant dimensions of coal sector. We achieve this
through our extensive network of sources including miners, traders, shipping and
logistics companies.
At CoalShastra, we provide a variety of information incl. latest coal prices,
ocean freight rates, E-auction schedules in India, global/local Industry events,
latest News and a number of proprietary tools and resources for our users
through our website. For regular updates visit us at www.coalshastra.com.

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