Ninh Thuan calling for investment in wind power projects in Phuoc Dan
6/8/2019 1:59:00 PM

Department of Planning and Investment of Ninh Thuan province has announced to invite interested investors to register investment projects in Phuoc Dan wind power plant, 45 MW capacity, with a total investment of 1,400 billion VND.

Wind Power Plant project in Phuoc Dan expected to be built in the communes of Phuoc Hau, Phuoc Dan and Phuoc Huu and Phuoc Thai, Ninh Phuoc district, Ninh Thuan province. Land area is 965ha survey research.

Scale 45 MW capacity is expected. Total investment of 1,400 billion VND. Project implementation period is 50 years from the date of investment policy decisions.

Progress of implementation of the project: Completion of construction projects put into operation within 36 months from the date of the investment policy decision.

Regarding the selection criteria investors to implement the project, Ninh Thuan province requires investors with legal personality and capacity appropriate to implement the project. Priority investors experienced operational deployment 1 renewable energy projects, or hydroelectric projects.

On investment, minimum investment capital of the project is 1.400 billion. Project selection priorities invested and high efficiency of land use.

Regarding financial capacity, considering the financial capacity of investors made on the basis of reports explaining the financial capacity of investors, attach documents evidencing equity (financial statements key in the last 2 years have been audited and certified balance of bank accounts ...) and ability to mobilize capital from investors (with the bank"s commitment to the project financing).

Besides, capital is owned by investors is expected to finance the project not less than 20% of the total project investment.

Ensuring the ability to raise capital to implement the project from credit institutions and branches of foreign banks and institutions and individuals.

Project selection priorities have equity of investors accounted for a higher proportion of investors and proven ability to raise capital to implement the project.

Deadline before 17 hours on 09/5/2019.

Wind power plant in Phuoc Dan

- Sector: INDUSTRY

- Investment location: Phuoc Huu commune, Phuoc Thuan Phuoc Dan Town, Ninh Phuoc district.

- Investment objective: Investment in building independent power plants using wind energy, contributing to additional power to the national grid.

- Favorable conditions for implementation of the project:

+ According to research by the World Bank (WB), Ninh Thuan province has the greatest wind speeds throughout the country, an average of 7,1m / s at 65 m height and price from 400-500 W density / m2 or more, the highest in the southern region; highest wind speed in 18 to 20 m / s (at a height of 12 m). The province has 14 potential wind areas, about 8,000 hectares, mainly concentrated in three districts of Ninh Phuoc Thuan Nam Thuan Bac. Especially, Ninh Thuan few storms and wind are blowing for 10 months at a rate of 6.4 to 9.6 m / s, ensuring stability for Wind Turbine Generators.

+ In addition, the investment in renewable energy in Ninh Thuan will be very convenient and low cost due to electrical transmission lines near, the ability to connect to a favorable national network; topography and favorable path for the installation and operation of wind turbine ...

- Size, scale of investment, mainly technical parameters:

+ survey area: about 965 ha; land areas have a maximum term of 25 ha

+ Planned capacity of the plant is 50MW.

- Investment incentives:   

* Rent land: The project is free of all rents of land to lease period stipulated in Point a, Clause 1, Article 19 of Decree No. 46/2014 / ND-CP dated 15 / 5/2014 of government regulations on the collection of land rents and water surface rents.

* Income Tax Business: The preferential rate of 10% during the operation of the income of the business from the field of social mobilization under the provisions of Decree No. 218/2013 / ND-CP dated 26 / 12/2013 of the Government detailing and guiding the implementation of some articles of the Law on corporate income tax and Clause 12, Article 1 of Decree 12/2015 / ND-CP of the Government dated 02.12.2015 detailing the implementation of the Law amending and supplementing some articles of the Law on tax and amending and supplementing some articles of the Decree on taxes. Exempt projects 04 years, 50% of the tax payable in the next 09 years for incomes of enterprises from investment projects prescribed in Decree No. 218/2013 / ND-CP dated 26/12 / 2013 Government Decree 12/2015 / ND-CP of the Government dated 02.12.2015.

* Tariff: The project is exempt from import tax on goods imported to form fixed assets of the project under the provisions of the Law on Export and Import Tax.

- Estimated total investment: 1,300 billion.

- Form of investment: domestic, joint venture or 100% foreign capital

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